Continual Professional Development

Coaching Qualifications Include

Date Achieved Coaching Development Course
08/06/2020 Sports Science I – Psychology
06/05/2020 Coaching II – Principles of the Golf Swing
13/02/2020 Renewal of Emergency First Aid in the Workplace
26/02/2018 Coaching Golf I – Ball Flight
02/06/2017 Renewal: Safeguarding and Protecting Children eLearning course
25/01/2017 Coaching Conference 2017 Steve Backley, Steven Orr, Dr Richard Bailey & Ed Cope
08/12/2016 Returning to Learning  PGA Advanced Certificate in Coaching Studies
15/10/2012 Leics and Rutland County Partnership Education Day with Paul Affleck
05/03/2012 Leics and Rutland County Partnership Education Day with Jim Christine and Jon Finn
30/01/2012 Kendal Mc Wade Instinctive Golf Seminar
14/03/2011 Equity in your Coaching
28/02/2011 Bob Wood Seminar Athlete Development
24/08/2010 Long Term Athlete Development  – Stuart Armstrong
07/07/2010 Coaching Toolkit
21/04/2009 Disability Awareness Training Course
27/03/2009 Disability Awareness Through Sport Workshop
06/10/2008 North Region PGA Coaching Conference
24/11/2007 The Mind Factor Diploma in Sports NLP Hypnosis Psychology – Karl Morris
30/05/2005 Red Bull Masterclass 2005 St Andrews Butch Harmon and Brothers.